Sample Thesis Statements for Easy Writing

Knowing the excellent thesis statement elements is core in writing an argumentative essay or a good research paper. A thesis statement is a section where the writer explains the claim to guide the entire research paper. When you struggle with your topic or research paper, it could be due to a weak thesis statement. In this text, we will explore the components of an excellent thesis statement so that you can write one seamlessly. In general, a thesis statement appears at the beginning of a research paper. A thesis statement is probably t0068e initial paragraphs that introduce a research paper’s body as the evidence supporting the thesis statement. The thesis statement must identify the argument. The thesis statement ought to be debatable and easy to understand. Besides being debatable, a thesis statement should answer all the research questions posed. The evidence that you advance should always support the claims made in the thesis statement. To do this, you need to read and research the topic before you conclude.

Besides, a thesis statement should not be too grand or too big. When your topic’s scope is too big, it won’t be easy to point out something meaningful and contemporary. The lean issue is easy to work with since it carries a relatively small idea, and you have an opportunity to discuss the entire topic you have an interest in. Having known the components of a good thesis statement, then it is time to write one. If you get stuck or need sample thesis statements for reference, this article provides plenty of such thesis statements.

Examples of thesis statements

From the onset, it is essential to note that the thesis statement is still under research. They are only examples that demonstrate the structure of thesis statements in general. Therefore, avoid using these sample thesis statements for your research papers since they are only examples.

  • To develop herd immunity, it is essential to vaccinate all able and healthy children since it is undoubtedly impossible to vaccinate sick children.
  • Institutions of learning need to provide learning resources to students from needy families during the summer holidays.
  • School uniforms might be an extra cost to students from low-income families, but it eliminates class difference among students.
  • Populism rose in 2016 because of the Syrian refugee crisis, a decline in the manufacturing sector, and a rise in globalization.
  • Local municipalities need to fund public libraries since they are important resources for the local communities.
  • Cyberbullying is rising because teenagers use social media and smartphones regularly.
  • Studies suggest that medical marijuana is helpful to veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • For office workers to have a better life and work balance, companies need to offer six-hour workdays and more work-from-home chances.
  • For sex education to be effective, parents and guardians need to teach children sexual consent before discussing consensual sex.
  • Not all high school graduates need to go to University direct, though university experience offer lifelong lessons on future career and life in general.
  • Studying in another country offers valuable experience to college students because students learn another language and diverse cultural practices.
  • High taxation on cigarettes affects the poorest most since they must use the cigarette. Authorities need to look at other ways of taxing economically able citizens in society.
  • Vegetarians take healthy diets and practice the ethical way of taking eating. However, this indicates a state of privilege and limits us to other cultural food when we travel.
  • Universities need to compensate their student-athletes since it is difficult for them to secure jobs while juggling between studies and athletics.
  • Helped suicide need to be legal and medical personnel need to have the ability to ensure that their patients have adequate care as they reach the end of their life.
  • The workers whose jobs are fading away, like coal miners, need to get retained on other jobs like technology or renewable energy.
  • Diversity in the office is better since people come with different ideas and cultural practices to enhance work ethics and productivity.
  • With a massive volume of information that is readily available, students need to get ready to get examined on the material they are reading without having to go for face-to-face learning.


Writing a thesis statement have never been easier. Take advantage of the above guidelines and have fun.

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