Tips to Write a Perfect Reflective Essay

Reflective essays entail writing that the writer explains their personal life and their experiences to give advice in line with life or teach a lesson. At the skilled author will begin writing from a fast point and then progress with the help of details derived from the events, which will bring the story to a conclusion. Therefore, the author should explain how the experience he got in life had an influence on them and how it changed them. A reflective essay aims to express the progression of certain events that influence a particular person’s thoughts and feelings and tells the reader what kind of lessons they learned from the events.

The outline of a reflective essay

A writer should first choose the sentence and topic outline. The sentence outline can get started in only complete sentences, giving a specific version of the topic. It also provides the reader with an example of a theme in writing. The topic outline is usually a phrase that generalizes your case.

Topic examples

  • World War 1
  • Family problems
  • American Revolution
  • Economic problems

Introduction sentence examples

  • I have not been in communication with my family for a while
  • My friend Dan has always been bullying me for quite some time
  • The PTSD that my father got from the world war opened up my eyes to our society

Therefore, you can select more events that may have taken place at any point in your life, then choose the ones that you can find interesting to read. Ensure that you select the ones you got the most lessons from or the events that altered how you think about a particular field.

Topics of reflective essays

A reflective essay is Straightforward because it shines its light on you and the experiences you went through. Some of the ideas that you could come up with to write a good you say on a reflective topic are:

  1. The feeling that you had when you first kissed.
  2. How you overcame your deepest fear
  3. How your beliefs got altered by somebody on a particular issue
  4. Your first experience in a house party while in school.

The structure of a reflective essay

Like all other essays, you will first need to begin writing your reflective essay by applying an introduction that is intriguing and catchy to the reader. The introduction aims to explain the focus of the paper to the reader. Ensure that you make it as catchy as possible so that they can continue reading on in the essay. In the main section of the article, which is the body ensure that you explain to your readers how you came about to change and the lesson you’ve learned after going through the life event. Ensure that you get into the specific details of the story so that the reader can understand your change and also know the reasons that made you change. The last part of the essay is the conclusion. it aims to summarize all the findings and all the details on the body of the article and finish the story by giving an overall statement. Do not introduce any new information in conclusion.

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